Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day reminds us of the differences we can make by working together to protect, clean, and preserve our natural surroundings. We’ve compiled a list of accessible and fun activities so that everyone can participate in their own way.

Start an accessible garden, a raised garden bed that allows those in wheelchairs or walkers to access easily. This allows everyone to plant, water, and tend. The best part? Virtually any type of veggie, flower, herb and even some fruits can be grown in this type of garden. Accessible gardens can be customized to the individual. They can be portable and indoor or outdoor.

Don’t have the space for a garden? Egg cartons or paper cups can be upcycled into a plant-friendly gift to a friend, family member, or yourself. Start by adding some personality by decorating the containers. Then, fill the item with soil and lightly moisten it. Plant one or two seeds of choice into each container. 

Consider going on a nature walk or roll. After many of us have been cooped up all winter long, enjoying spring could be just what you need. Plan a stroll or meet up at an accessible park or preserve. A little research can help you find a terrain that works for everyone. You can also bring some of your favorite snacks and drinks for a picnic in the park.

Rather than run through paper and plastic utensils, paper towels, produce bags, and other items that end up in a landfill, switch to multi-use products to help cut down on waste. Consider picking up reusable water bottles, utensils, storage bags, cleaning cloths, and dishes in your home.

Start or rethink your at-home recycling plan. You can designate a different bin or space for paper, glass, cans, and plastic. Also, composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter. Food waste like coffee grounds, fruit and veggie peels, and eggshells can be collected into a compost pile.

Planting a tree is a great way to observe Earth Day. Whether you physically plant a tree with the help of a friend or caregiver, if needed, or organize a community tree planting event, you contribute to making the earth a better place.