National Love Your Pet Day - Service Animal Appreciation

Today is National Love Your Pet Day! We’d like to take today to shine a light on some very important animals–service animals. 

Service animals are working animals and should be treated differently than pets. We have some handy tips for what you should do if you see a service animal in public! 

  • Do not approach the animal without asking the owner first. Service animals are on the job and approaching them without permission could distract the animal from doing its job properly. 
  • If an owner says that you cannot pet/interact with the animal, do not be offended or get upset with the owner. Once again, these animals are on the job and the owner likely has a valid reason for saying no.
  • Do not offer food to a service animal. Service animals are often on a strict diet and feeding schedule. Additionally, some animals have food allergies. If a service animal has an allergic reaction, they will not be able to do their job effectively.
  • If a service animal approaches you without its owner, it is likely signaling for help. Service animals are trained to seek help when something is wrong with their owner. Follow the animal and call for help if necessary. 
  • Keep your pets and children away from service animals. They can distract service animals and interfere with their job performance.
  • Finally, never ask an owner why they have a service animal. It is disrespectful and an invasion of privacy.

Keep these tips in mind when you see a service animal in public. These animals are a vital part of their owners’ lives and deserve to be treated with respect.

Happy National Love Your Pet Day from 3E Love!