January 20th Announcement!

Dear 3E Lovers!

I am so excited to finally announce that we are ready to promote and celebrate the International Day of Acceptance! As a company, this is our favorite time of year because we get to spread our social message of acceptance to thousands of people all over the world. Personally, it is especially moving to know that people from every state and almost 30 countries have embraced my sister Annie's Wheelchair Heart Symbol and Love Life credo. It's been five years now since she has passed and I know that she would be so proud of all the work you have all done to help promote a positive image of disability in your community. 

This year, we have some very special things planned that are brand new to our January 20th lineup!

  • Official January 20th T-shirts & Yard Signs
  • A Facebook Essay Contest where you can win a $400 shopping spree!
  • Basic t-shirts starting at $13!
  • T-shirts, Tattoos, Buttons, and Bracelets at 50% off with our Acceptance Sale!
  • Free shipping on orders of $75 or more placed by January 6th!
  • A brand new home page for DayofAcceptance.com with a blog, new pages, and lots of awesomeness!

Please comment below or e-mail me with any feedback, I would love your ideas on how to improve January 20th this year and into the future!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support these past 5 years. It means the world to me, my family, and everyone in 3E Love Land!

Love Life, 

Start the conversation of acceptance TODAY!

  • Wear our official January 20th t-shirt
  • Tell your neighbors with our official Yard Sign!
  • Wear your heart on your sleeve with our other merchandise!  We have basic tees and small items up to 50% off with our annual Acceptance Sale!
  • Give buttons, stickers, or tattoos to friends, family, coworkers, students, or anyone you know!  Tell them to wear them on January 20th. 
  • Organize a January 20th party or dinner for friends and family.
  • Give a presentation at work or school or invite a guest speaker to promote a positive image of disability!


  • Change your profile picture on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Change your Facebook cover photo
  • Tell us your story with our Essay Contest!
  • Send an email to all of your friends and family about January 20th inviting them to participate.
  • Post Facebook and Twitter updates about January 20th!
  • Invite your Facebook friends to our official event page.
  • Post photos and Tweet about January 20th with our #dayofacceptance


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