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Exciting 3E Love Updates and Project Everywhere Celebration Sale!

Posted by Stevie Hopkins on

Dear 3E Lovers,

I am so excited to write this email and update you on our progress at 3E Love. It's been over two years since I have sent such an update and there are big things happening at 3E Love! It's especially fun to send you this update because everything I'm happy to report has been made possible by your endless support and encouragement. So consider this an overdue thank you letter.

Thank you for making the 3E Love movement possible and my sisters little idea into a BIG reality only a few years later. Your appreciation of the 3E's and putting them into action in your life keep us working long hours. Your purchases keep our lights on and fuel our big ideas. You are part of a movement that has started millions of conversations, which I believe is making the world a better and more accepting place.

As a token of our appreciation, enjoy our Project Everywhere Celebration Sale!

Speaking of Project Everywhere, this is what we are celebrating...

What is January 20th?

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 What is January 20th, International Day of Acceptance and how did it start?

3E Love's founder and creator of their "wheelchair heart" symbol, Annie Hopkins was an advocate, entrepreneur, artist, and student, and she demonstrated what is possible when you love life. She created 3E Love with the idea that our symbol unified people of all abilities and it ignites conversations every day that will help change attitudes for the better. She believed that 3E Love could be a vehicle to introduce people to the symbol and her message. Her ideas didn't stop there: she wanted to create a social entrepreneurial endeavor, disability owned and disability operated, that one day, when successful, would be further empowerment and a statement that we can achieve without charity. Social acceptance is the key, not pity and ignorance. Embrace diversity. Educate your community. Empower each other. Love life!

Stevie's message of gratitude and reflection

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Hello friends and family, As you know, today is January 20th, the International Day of Acceptance. Today thousands of people are “wearing their heart on their sleeve” all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of people will see the International Symbol of Acceptance today, take a second look, then think to themselves, start a conversation with a friend or stranger, and look at the traditional symbol representing “disability” in a new way. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but hopefully the hundreds of thousands of interactions that occur today will be building blocks of a world that is more accepting. For being a...

A Labor of LOVE

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Hi friends,

I'm so excited that you are reading this. It means that after a month of exhaustive work and over a year of planning, that the new 3E Love web site is up. I honestly can't even believe it. For the past year I've been telling all my friends and family my ideas for a new site, how things can be improved, changed, etc., but things were always so hectic that I never had time to put my ideas into action. But then about two months ago, I said, ENOUGH! I was ready.

Now, it's here. You are here. Hopefully loving it, thinking its super sleek and user friendly. Hopefully you want to buy lots of good stuff since I went 2.5 times over budget. Eeek