Exciting 3E Love Updates and Project Everywhere Celebration Sale!

Posted by Stevie Hopkins on August 08, 2013

Dear 3E Lovers,

I am so excited to write this email and update you on our progress at 3E Love. It's been over two years since I have sent such an update and there are big things happening at 3E Love! It's especially fun to send you this update because everything I'm happy to report has been made possible by your endless support and encouragement. So consider this an overdue thank you letter.

Thank you for making the 3E Love movement possible and my sisters little idea into a BIG reality only a few years later. Your appreciation of the 3E's and putting them into action in your life keep us working long hours. Your purchases keep our lights on and fuel our big ideas. You are part of a movement that has started millions of conversations, which I believe is making the world a better and more accepting place.

As a token of our appreciation, enjoy our Project Everywhere Celebration Sale!

Speaking of Project Everywhere, this is what we are celebrating...

Project Everywhere Update
Back in 2010, we created our Project Everywhere campaign. Since 3E Love is about spreading a positive message and igniting conversations worldwide, we wanted a way to measure our success and to set goals. Our goal is to put the wheelchair heart.... Everywhere! After hours of calculations and data wizardry, we have the following update!

Project Everywhere Stats as of 6/23/13
Note: based on web store and phone orders only
  • More than 13,000 orders
  • More than 50,000 Clothing Items
  • More than 150,000 temporary tattoos
  • More than 50,000 buttons
  • More than 100,000 stickers
  • Across 27 countries
  • At least one in EVERY single US State
  • At least one in 4,819 zipcodes (16.15% nationally)
  • In our home state of Illinois, at least one in 452 zip codes (36% of state)
  • In Texas, at least one in 375 zip codes (21.5% of state)
  • In California, at least one in 360 zip codes (22.5% of state)
For complete statistical data, check out our Project Everywhere update page!
These numbers are so incredible! It's amazing how much our message and symbol has spread in only a few years. All it took was a Facebook page and your support!  It's even more exciting to think that there are millions of people all over the world that we have not reached. 

We will get there...

To celebrate and to help encourage new orders to add to our list, we are having the Project Everywhere Celebration Sale for the next week.
  • 20% off ALL non-discount items with coupon code EVERYWHERE
  • Free car decal with every order, no matter what you order.
  • Over 800 items on discount for up to 60% off on our Discount Rack
All purchases will help us with Project Everywhere and our expansion.....

3E Love is expanding!
Thanks to all of your help spreading the word about our message, we've decided it's time to take the next step. For four years, we have kept a very small staff, no more than 4 or 5 at any time and mostly family. We have worked 60-90 hour weeks consistently just to do our best to keep up with all of your awesomeness. That meant very little time for improving infrastructure, customer service,or even taking a vacation!

So, its time to get help....

We rented out another space and are now in an 8,000 square feet building, more than double what we had just 1 year ago. Our staff is up to 8 full time and we are looking to possibly add more.

Our goal is to be able to tighten up our processes and run more efficiently, allowing us to serve 3E Lovers better.

We should be able to:
  • Add new products more quickly
  • Increase order delivery time
  • Quicker phone and email response time
  • Focus more on our social initiatives
We originally started 3E Love with the goal of acceptance in mind and spreading the 3E's, but we soon realized its hard to do that well when we are working so often on just getting our tools of acceptance out the door!

When my sister started 3E Love, she never envisioned a t-shirt company. She wanted to build communities and educate others and empower people to embrace not only their own challenges and lives but to accept others. She wanted everyone to just love life.... The idea was to sell t-shirts to get started and finance the bigger picture. A part of the growth plan was to higher other people with disabilities and truly have a community based company and brand.

Life is short and fast and awesome so its time to get to it.... Starting this fall. I have about 10 projects I'm beginning, all with the goal of growth and expanding our social message.
Without giving away too many secrets, here is a brief summary of what we are working on. 
  • New website, easier to navigate and shop.
  • Custom 3E Love T-shirt generator, for you to create your own designs!
  • Stevie Speaks, a website for my writings and speaking engagements. 
  • 3E Ink, a membership website for people who have our symbol tattooed permanently.
  • Project Everywhere, a live update of our social goals with the ability for you to meet other 3E Lovers in your area. 
  • 3E Prints, a disablitiy owned t-shirt design and printing company, with the goal to hire people all over the country.
  • A smartphone app to map everywhere you take 3E!
  • That's just a few...
Again, thank you thank you thank you. I'm so excited for the future and am thrilled to have you a part of this journey.

Love life,


August 18, 2013

The Walker family has fell head over wheels for 3E Love, we love all the products, we don’t have the tattoo but our friend did get one. Anything new is great, you guys are doing an awesome job spreading the love!!! Loving 3E in Girard, Ohio

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