"January 20th is International Day of Acceptance. Today, I celebrate this guy and what 3E Love stands for: embracing diversity, educating your community, empowering one another, and loving life. There is no denying the world we live in is filled with destruction, hate, and negativity, but I believe we have the opportunity to make the world more positive and to view things in a different light. We all have challenges we go through in life, some challenges may be alike, others completely different. The way we deal with these challenges is a true testament of our character. I would like to express how in awe I am of this man. He defies all odds, meets every challenge head-on, and pushes against the boundaries set against him. Whenever he meets an obstacle that would give him good reason to give in, he does not break. He pursues his dreams, runs the business he started, and lives his life to the fullest. Every day he chooses to love life. Not everyone is as strong-willed as Travis, and for this reason I hope that the stigma surrounding disabilities will eventually be a thing of the past. I hope you choose to celebrate your life, to recognize a person's abilities rather than their disabilities, and strive to make the world a more positive place for everyone in it." - Travis