Meet Laura

Laura Noviskis is our amazing Account Manager! She works very hard to keep 3E Love running smoothly and we'd love to introduce her to you. 


Q: What does your job entail?

A: My job is a little all over the place! At 3E Love I primarily work with customers to process group orders for custom shirts as well as any larger standard group orders. I also help manage the backend of the 3E Love webstore, creating new products for any new drops we release and work with Mama 3E and Stevie to come up with concepts for new items to sell. I also order garments for all 3E Love webstore orders that need to be printed. Prior to COVID, I would head out on the road with Leslie to tradeshows to help spread the 3E Love message and would love to get back to that sometime soon! I also am an Account Manager for our sister company, SCP, and split my time between the two. At SCP I primarily work with clients such as schools, non-profits, gyms, etc. on creating branded apparel. I also help in our training program at SCP, teaching new employees about our processes, how to price out apparel, and how to use our order processing system.


Q: What does 3E Love mean to you?

A: To me, 3E Love is a community. It's a community of acceptance, understanding, education and loyalty. Anytime I see the International Symbol of Acceptance outside of work, it's a reminder that the symbol speaks to so many others throughout the globe and brings people together, regardless of our differences and backgrounds. It's a reminder to have an open mind and heart and just treat people with love and kindness. 


Q: What do you love about working for 3E Love?

A: I love being able to work with and meet people from all over the country and hear their acceptance stories! Everyone has a different story of what the International Symbol of Acceptance means to them and how 3E Love has made an impact in their lives. It's opened up my eyes to a whole new world and community of people and I appreciate being able to learn about different disabilities, special needs, occupations, and programs through our customers so I have a better understanding of all varying populations! I also love that we're a dog friendly office and we often have furry friends in the building :)


Q: What album do you have on repeat right now?

A: Frank Turner - FTHC


Q: What is your favorite movie? 

A: Pirates of the Caribbean


Q: What is your dream vacation? 

A: Hiking trip through Europe


Q: Do you have any pets? 

A: I have to two 8 month old kittens - Addy and Pebbles


Q: What do you like to do in your free time? 

A: In my free time I enjoy going on hikes and exploring local forest preserves with my fiancée. I love music and was an avid concert goer pre-covid and hope to get out to more soon. Other than that, you can catch me doing yoga, binge watching some kind of reality TV or Harry Potter, and hanging out with family & friends! 


Q: What is the best advice you've ever been given? 

A: It may seem simple, but it's something that I think many forget or unfortunately look upon as a sign of weakness - it's okay to ask for help. It's impossible to know everything or handle everything yourself. No one is an expert on everything in life, so utilize those around you for support and look to them to help guide you through whatever it may be that's posing the problem. It can range from asking for help with a process at work to asking someone for a shoulder to cry on and just listen - asking for help is okay.