Group Order - Ordering Instructions

Ordering Instructions

Our website is not equipped to handle group order pricing. If you are ordering 10 or more clothing items, there are special ordering instructions.
Contact us to request a quote, have questions about group orders, are interested in customization, or need order forms to facilitate your order.

1) Order online / Pay later

  1. Add the items you want to the shopping cart on our web site like any other order.
  2. When you are ready to check out, follow the normal instructions but disregard price displayed.
  3. On the second page of checkout where it asks for payment information, select Group Order Request/Pay Later.
  4. We will then contact you within 24 hours and send you an invoice that you can pay online, or you can call in your payment or send a check.

2) Email Order

For some, it may be easier to send us your order via email. Send it to us in any format that works best for you. If you use Microsoft Excel, we have prepared a template file for you to use.
[Click and Download Group Order Excel Submission Form]

3) Send in Order Forms

If you used pre-made order forms, you can mail, fax, or email them to us and we will do the rest! Contact us today and we will process your order within 48 hours.
Please contact us if you require catalogs, physical or online order forms, or predetermined pricing before collecting orders from your group members.