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12 Ways to Join the 3E Love Movement

"3E Love is a social entrepreneurial experiment to change the perception of disability using our International Symbol of Acceptance (wheelchair heart symbol). Our symbol spreads a positive image of disability and ignites conversations of acceptance. It is our mission to provide you with this tool to Embrace diversity, Educate your community, Empower each other, and Love life. Therefore, 3E Love is more than a t-shirt company. It is a social movement of change. We invite you and those you know to join us!
Here are just a few ways for you to get involved in our movement and support our company's social mission.
Wear your heart on your sleeve.
Shop at our store and ignite conversations of acceptance everywhere you go.
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Give the gift of LVE.
Our products make great gifts for friends, loved ones, and peers at school or work.
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Spread the word. Join us on social networks.
Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.
Share us on your Facebook and Twitter pages, e-mail those you know, and talk about acceptance!
Subscribe to our e-newsletter.
Get the inside scoop on our new products, events, and special promotions. Be the first to know about all of our future developments.

Fundraise with 3E Love.
Raise money for your favorite cause by selling our products. We have fundraising programs that will fit anyone's needs.
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Celebrate acceptance with your group.
All of our products can be purchased in bulk and some can even be customized to your needs.
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Come hang out with us.
We attend events all over the country and we invite you to come meet us and love life with us.
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Invite us to your event.
3E Stevie enjoys telling the story of 3E Love as a keynote speaker, at a school assembly, and more.
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Share your story.
check out 3e diaries and tell us your story and what the symbol means to you.
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Show off your tattoo.
Join the club over at 3E Ink if you proudly have our symbol as a tattoo.
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And above all else...