Join the Movement - January 20th

Join the Movement - January 20th

There are many great ways for you to get involved with 3E Love and to celebrate January 20th, but here are a few ideas!

1. Invite Others to Celebrate by Promoting Online!

3E Love is a movement that is mostly grown with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+ and Instagram. You can spread the word about the wheelchair heart symbol and January 20th with just your computer or phone! You can change your profile picture, tweet at your friends, or post photos with our official #DayofAcceptance hashtag!

Visit our Promote Page for lots of great ideas!





2. Wear the Official January 20th T-Shirt!

3. Tell Your Neighbors with Our Official Yard Sign!

4. Organize a January 20th party or dinner for friends and family.

There is nothing better than a party to convince others to get involved! Tell them to wear their favorite 3E Love shirt or have tattoos and bracelets for them when they come! Ask everyone to discuss what the wheelchair heart symbol means to them and to take something with them to work or school the next day!

Ignite the conversation of acceptance in your home and community!





5. Give a presentation at work or school or invite a guest speaker to promote a positive image of disability!

Help start a conversation of acceptance at your school or work by sharing what 3E Love's Wheelchair Heart symbol means to you!

Hand out awareness cards and goody bags to help them spread the word!





6. Wear Your Heart on your Sleeve with the Acceptance Sale!!

7. Get Other People Involved with Bracelets, Buttons, Tattoos, & Stickers!

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