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Gildan (basic adult) T-Shirt
Gildan Ladies' T-Shirt

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How to find your best size

Measurements are taken when the garment is laid flat. To find your best size we recommend you take an item you know and love, lay it flat, and measure the length and width. Then compare that to the size charts below!

Width: distance between side seams just under sleeves
Height: distance from top of shoulder seam to bottom hem

Gildan T-Shirt (basic adult)

Gildan 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt.  If you've ever gotten a free shirt at an event, it was probably this one!  This style also has a ladies' option below.

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Larger sizes are available - please contact us for information on sizing and pricing.

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Gildan Ladies' T-Shirt

Gildan 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt.  This item is as wide as the unisex option, but the body is shorter, and the sleeves are capped, which gives it a more feminine appearance.

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