The 3E Love Credo [Dummy]

We’re here to change the perception of disability within families, communities, and most importantly, people with disabilities themselves. While each journey to acceptance is unique, our merchandise delivers a message of unity and shared determination.

Embrace diversity. We are champions of unique life experiences, skills, and abilities. We encourage individuals to embrace their life’s journey with pride. Educate the community. We offer the opportunity to change the perception of disability with open and honest dialog. Empower acceptance and love. We encourage radical acceptance of the disability community and inspire you to love the life you have.

You can use the 3 Es everyday. Here are some ways to incorporate them in your life.

Embrace: Be open and accepting if someone chooses to share their journey with you.

Embrace: Encourage others to ask you questions about being disabled.

Embrace: Reflect on your journey in a journal or video.

Educate: Go live on social media and talk about your disability and what insights it gives you.

Educate: Ask your teacher if you can share your story with your classmates at the beginning of class.

Educate: On January 20th, the International Day of Acceptance, hand out 3E LOVE stickers and share what you do to love life with your classmates and coworkers.

Educate: Share the ways that others can make you feel more comfortable and included.

Empower: Tell someone that you care about them and that they’ve made a difference in your life.

Empower: Make a list of things that you are proud you accomplished.

Empower: Proudly wear your 3E LOVE gear when you’re out in public.