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Who is Annie?

3E Love, LLC. and it's properties are the creation of the late Annie Hopkins (1984-2009), who as an advocate, entrepreneur, artist, and student, demonstrated what is possible when you love life. Annie's accomplishments in her academic, social, and family life were vast and will be remembered dearly, but her spirit and message can live on forever through the work she left for others to finish.

In Our Eyes...

Entrepreneur – Sister – Friend – Enthusiast – Grandaughter – Cousin – Niece – Daughter – "Roll" Model
Activist – Educator – Counselor – Lover – Fighter – Cuddler – Co-worker – Socialite – Legend – Author
Fan – Boo – Workaholic – Singer – Dancer – Drama Queen – Flirt – Starbucks Addict – Diva – Celebrity
Mac Mistress – Taylor Street Folk Lore – Oprah's Next Big Thing – Chipotle Connoisseur

In Her Eyes...

What Others Have Said About Annie...

"Annie Hopkins was calculatedly reckless in how she chose to live, always pushing the boundaries of her disabilities that should have limited what she could do. While this at times worried her family and friends, she never hesitated to test her limits, especially when it came to giving to others. Annie was everything a person hopes to be as a family, friend and community member. She was generous, courageous, and empathetic and she lived how people all wish to live. Annie embodied the very best spirit that humankind has to offer one another, and the world. Annie Hopkins was beautiful and those who had the pleasure of knowing her experienced a once in a lifetime honor."

"My favorite story about is Annie is when she came to camp to talk about going off to U of I. After Annie spoke, my 14-16 year old girls went back to our cabin and they all started talking about Annie(in a good way of course!). So many of the girls said they didn't think that they would be able to go to college but their thoughts about college totally changed after Annie told them about her experience. She talked about finding PA's and had a Q and A that really opened up the girls eyes. Wow, I cannot even write a paragraph about inspirational she is. Essentially, Annie told my girls they could go to college and all of them are there now."

"When I think about Annie I always think of style and fashion. Annie was a really chic girl, who always knew how to dress, and looked fabulous pretty much every single day. Her hair was always perfect, and she always had the latest style, with different shades of blond to brunette, depending on her mood for the moment. Her make-up was always flawless, and although often times she would wear bright eye shadows, they went with her personality and she always looked great no matter what. Being in a wheelchair like Annie, I sometimes felt like I was limited in the styles of clothing I could wear, since I'm just sitting in a wheelchair all day. But then I would see Annie in school, and she would be wearing clothes I thought would be hard to pull off in a wheelchair, and she looked so nice in them that I would think to myself, maybe I can wear that outfit too. This is what was amazing about Annie, when you saw Annie you would see her first and then her wheelchair."

"Annie was my first friend with a disability, her passion for well just about everything you touched was exciting and it didn't matter that when we first met, her interests changed just about every hour. I loved her big ideas…. I think Annie's main goal in life was to help people with disabilities take charge of their own health and lives and not be afraid to stand up for themselves or to be afraid of standing out in the crowd."

"Although small in size, Annie was always large in heart. She was a riot to be around, little party animal that she was, yet had that sweet, caring side too."

"Annie did not think she was amazing, but I disagree with her modesty. She was amazing, she was awesome, and she was great. She was those things because of how she lived her life: fully, in the moment, and by constantly challenging herself and others around her to do more and try to match her energy. She accomplished so much in such a short time and it is our loss that we will not experience all of the great things she had yet to do."

"Annie was a huge part of my life for nearly 3 years. Until I met Annie, I had absolutely no idea what it meant to be a person living with a disability. I learned so many things from Annie and it would take me a lifetime to write down everything I gained from simply being with her. Annie fiercely believed in rights for people with disabilities and she was always looking to get people to join her cause. Just watching her talk to people (and by people I mean anyone- Starbucks baristas, potheads, nail technicians, homeless people, etc.) and explain to them what her mission was it was obvious that she was passionate about her goal to help people with disabilities achieve equality in every aspect of society. Annie was a force to be reckoned with and most people caught onto that immediately."

"She was so honest, and also quite charming. Ever since, I've thought about her on many occasions and hoped she was doing well. When I spoke with her, she told me that she likely wouldn't be around long. That's why she was packing as much life as she could into the time she did have. Her life is a great lesson to us all."

"I've said it before, and will always remember Annie as having a shocking personality! Instantly attracting you into her curious web of love and friendship. She was an amazing and awe inspiring soul that you could feel an immediate connection to."

"I feel like Annie wanted to be here so much, regardless of any difficulty… She was one of the people who showed me disability can make you stronger and with stronger will than having everything taken for granted. ...I know the mark she left in all the people's lives she changed is surely much, much deeper than tattoos."

We celebrate the life of Annie Marie Hopkins, creator of the Wheelchair Heart and Founder of 3E Love, LLC. Thanks to...

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