Proud Teacher Tassel Topper


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Proud Teacher Tassel Topper

Decorate your graduation cap when you become a Teacher!

Customize your Tassel Topper
This ready to ship tassel topper is black with white lettering to match most graduation caps.  If you or your group wants a custom topper with different colors or a different saying, contact  to inquire about custom toppers or large group orders.

What is a Tassel Topper?
It’s a customizable durable plastic that fits perfectly on the top of your graduation cap with the help of specially designed adhesives.

Once you receive the Topper, use the easy-to-apply adhesives we provide you to attach it to your graduation cap. The Topper leaves room for the tassel to move freely and can be removed or reattached as many times as needed. After the ceremony, the Topper makes a fun graduation souvenir for you to display on our custom-built souvenir stand.

Benefits include:

  • Fits all graduation caps (Pre-School, Kindergarten, High School and College)
  • Made of durable, quality plastic
  • Waterproof
  • Safe (rounded corners ensure safe cap tossing)
  • Makes a great gift